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Leverage Passive Talent Engagement Prior To Separation

Most job seekers are actively looking for their next career move. They’re on job boards, attending career fairs, and networking like crazy. But what about the people who are gainfully employed and not actively looking for a job? Military members 18 months from separation are good example.

Passive job seekers are a valuable source of talent for companies because of their transferable skills and rich employment experience. But they can be difficult to reach because they’re not actively participating in a job search.

That’s where recruiters come in. Recruiters know how to use LinkedIn, Apollo Tech, Dice, and other platforms to engage with potential candidates and build relationships. The key is to engage with them at the right time.

If you’re a military member who is looking toward your separation date, it’s important to start building a public profile. An online presence will make you more visible to recruiters who may not have otherwise found you. And when a recruiter does reach out, you’ll be able to have an informed conversation about opportunities that are a good fit for your skills and experience.

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