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Technologists: we can do better. We need to do better.

Taking on jobs where you lack the technical qualifications, much less the basic skills, destroys the credibility of all practitioners in the tech community.

The tech community could take lessons from other trade organizations about how they encourage professionalism in their membership. Someone signed up for a job to install satellite-based communications equipment.

They took a client's money and promised services that they are obviously not qualified to deliver. Kudos to them for reaching out to a group for help; but, I doubt their customer knows this is the level of expertise purchased with their hard earned dollars.

At some point we need to start policing our own. At some point the customer base will begin to apply zero trust to practitioners as horror stories like this multiply.

For those who don't understand, this image highlights a fundamental misunderstanding of how wiring functions


It doesn't matter what level of your role in the technology world, from CIO to the apprentice installer. This should never be allowed to happen. IT Professionals at all levels show be able to recognize this failure.

While this is a layer one example, we see similar claims of expertise in cybersecurity, MSP, integration development, etc., et al.

We need to do better. This is embarrassing.

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